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Sunday brunch : Try madhuban Spa and Resort Anand Gujarat 

Sunday brunch : Try madhuban Spa and Resort Anand Gujarat 

Sunday brunch at Madhuban Spa Resort is my favourite because there are 200 type of buffet Dishes offerd in a Brunch Special Buffet on Sundays .I can enjoy in one Small cost. This information is very useful and make happy to all those who love eating good food. Madhuban spa and resort offering wonderful brunch on every Sunday. Try Once ......

Restaurant name : 24 by Seven ( coffee shop Madhuban spa and resort ) 
Exotic family sunday brunch on every Sunday

Just one hour drive you can reach to Madhuban spa and Resort from Ahmedabad. 
Distance between Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and Madhubhan Resort & Spa, Vithal Udyognagar, GIDC, Anand, Gujarat, India (India) 

Driving Distance: 79.3 km , Duration: 1 hour 27 mins, Route: NE1
Different Units: 79.31 km, 49.28 mi, 42.82 nmi
Straight line or air distance: 65.95 km, 40.98 miles, 35.59 nautical miles 

Activities in Sunday brunch at Madhuban Resort ? 

I will guarantee you, you will really enjoy this Sunday brunch at Madhuban because there are lot of activities also part of Sunday brunch at Madhuban. 

The Sunday brunch activities 
A. Property show around with free mocktail 
   You will enjoy and the team will give you a delightful mocktail with a property round. 
B. Free use of in House game zone 
   You can enjoy with your family and kids at Madhuban game zone. 
C. 30% discount on room tariff 
D. Use complementary swimming pool if you are joining for Sunday brunch at Madhuban it is a complementary activity part of the centre point activity. 

The Sunday brunch menu 
The team will spoil you with the food and service this will guarantee by Madhuban spa and Resort management team. The menu compodium for the Sunday brunch is below. 

1. Fresh welcome drink on arrival 
2. Cold towel & welcoming and greeting on the table 
3. Live counter 
   Every Sunday brunch you will find something new tasty live counter interactive cooking at sunday Counter. 
A. Live woodfire pizza 
B. Italian risotto and fresh pasta counter 
C. Gujarati bhajiya & Farsan Counter 
D. Indonesian Barbecue counter 
E. Special Jain Counter ( you will be delighted by the Chef by mouth watering vegetarian meals) 
F. Exotic burmese counter : Try something Burmese in the Gujarat 
G. Special Mexican counter: Authentic recipe develop by Res. Taruna Patel, the Mexican recipes are better than Taco Bell USA. 

There are more 100 items part of the sunday brunch. 

Interactive salad counter 
This is the speciality of Madhuban Sunday brunch there are varieties of fresh exotic ingredients you can choose as per your wish and make yourself delighted with luxury fresh salad in this Buffet. 

Soup Counter At Brunch 
Winter exotic soup chef special and every week changing is the secret people love this Sunday brunch. Every week you will find some new soup in the Sunday brunch at Madhuban. 

Hot buffet counters At Brunch 
You can enjoy buffet with consists of Indian and international main course meal in the Sunday brunch at Madhuban. The Sunday brunch will make your tummy happy. 

Lavish International dessert counter at brunch
Every Gujarati family love sweets, and The Chef at Madhuban spa and resort know how to make their guest happy. You will find a variety of indian and international desserts at Madhuban Buffet. All the deserts are mouth-watering and special to mention here there are few desert is specially made for keeping mind sugar-free loving Guests. 

There are many hotels who are doing Sunday brunch in Ahmedabad. But the best Sunday brunch was at Madhuban spa and Resort I would like to mention few reasons why Madhuban sunday branch is best among others Hotel Sunday brunch in Gujarat Ahmedabad. 

Why the sunday branch is best at Madhuban, 

1. Best quality of ingredients is being used by Madhuban spa and Resort kitchen. The motive is to make people spoil with food and service not making money. For me this point is the best. I find many exotic fruits in the book which are very expensive in the market but in the Sunday brunch it is spread like you can eat in wholesale. 

2. The location and the Ambience of Madhuban resort is so beautiful which make me motivated to write something about this Sunday brunch. Madhuban resort is one of the best resort in Gujarat and the Ambience of the resort is very suitable for the families and couples. This is the reason for me visiting Madhuban is the best. 

3. The hospitality and the service at Madhuban spa and Resort was outstanding and amazing. The food taste at Madhuban was a mixture of Indian and international cuisines. Which is normally very rare in most of the hotel in Gujarat. 

4. The biggest reason,I rated madhuban Spa Resort Sunday brunch best in Ahmedabad because they are offering a big discount on Sunday brunch. They are offering 30% discount on Sunday brunch specially for families and couples. 

5. If you are celebrating your birthday on Sunday I suggest you to visit at Madhuban Sunday brunch because they will give you a complementary cake with the Sunday brunch if you prove your Born on Sunday. Your birthday will be celebrated by all the team members of Madhuban and the cake will be complementary. They have given me strawberry cake when I visited last Sunday at Madhuban. I still remember that tasty and soft exotic strawberry cake at Madhuban. 

6. You will also find some very authentic Gujarati dishes in the buffet at Sunday brunch like Handava. Which is a delicacy in Gujarati cuisine. If you are unlucky you will not found Gujarati is smoke India in the Sunday brunch otherwise they make very good smoke unidiya at Sunday brunch.. 

Conclusion : Everybody want to enjoy Sunday with relax and something special. Without a good food you cannot enjoy Sunday. If you are a food lover you must visit Madhuban spa and Resort on Sunday brunch and make your Sunday in fun day. 

I am sharing you the phone number of f and B manager, because if you call him and book your table he will reserve the table for you it is been advisable to always book a table at Madhuban spa and resort and then visit the hotel because you will find too much crowd and peoples are waiting for Sunday brunch at Madhuban it is being suggestive that you call to the fnd manager of Madhuban Spa Resort and book unreserved your table and visit and enjoy the Sunday brunch I have done a mistake I just walking to the restaurant and I have to wait for 30 minutes I am thankful to the Google showing this on the search results. Which is beneficial to all those who are planning to have a wonderful good food on Sunday and looking for some beautiful exotic brunch in Ahmedabad .

Contact number is : +919727783407

Anand - Sojitra Road, Near Janta Crossing, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand, Gujarat 388120

Phone: 02692 239 268

Sunday brunch : Try madhuban Spa and Resort Anand Gujarat 
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