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Best sizzler in Vaishali Nagar Jaipur Try ( Rock the Salt Cafe )

Rock the Salt Cafe provide excellent varieties of different Sizzlers in reasonable price. The cafe located at Vaishali Nagar area  Address: C-288, Block C, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, the cafe is very close by to Gupta store and Amrapali Circle which is famous food joint at Vaishali Nagar. 

Call 9314815212 

Jaya variety of Sizzlers available in this restaurant you can try Mexican Italian Burmese Thai chocolate Sizzlers with variety of dressings and topics. 

Sizzlers are always attract young people's and kid there are lot of advantage eating sizzler food because 
1. The food will never become cold, normally who love to always eat hot food they prefer Sizzlers at Vaishali Nagar. 
2. The Sizzlers are a complete lunch or dinner The Rock and salt Cafe Sizzlers are famous because the portion size are to be easily it is good for two peoples. 

3. Yummy taste make Rock and salt sizzler famous and popular in Vaishali Nagar people are coming from different places from Jaipur to eat sizzlers at Rock and salt Cafe it is just because quality of Sizzlers good price and good portion size. 

I would like to tell my review about rock the salt Cafe Sizzlers they are the best in the city and good we ordered Italian sizzler and they give us lot of portions of french fries she is vegetables and the source that give us is awesome really I have never eat such a authentic Italian sizzler in Jaipur specially Vaishali Nagar there are many restaurant at Vaishali they are giving Sizzlers but their sisters are just a hot plate, you put the food on hot plate put some butter Season 8 answers to the customers but rock the salt cellars are special famous and popular because the recipe of the Sizzlers they are making its from Europe the owner went to Europe and bring that recipes that is a reason from last many years this business is famous and popular even my mother also like the seller very much she don't eat continental food but when she tested the authentic Italian sizzler at rock the salt cafe at Vaishali they love that always my mother told that next Sunday we will go to this restaurant and enjoy the sizzler especially when ever our guest came to our house at Vaishali Bittu them to rock the salt Cafe for business and believe me our guest always call us and tell kya baat. 

The conclusion is if you want a good citizen at Vaishali Nagar you must visit to rock the salt Cafe and try their sizzler varieties in the menu believe me you will make your tummy happy and value for money pocket friendly Sizzlers at Vaishali Nagar only available at rock the salt Cafe visit enjoy the life path is happiness chilarparty everything at one place rock the salt Vaishali 

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