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pure vegetarian restaurant at Vaishali Nagar at near by Gupta store Amrapali Circle Rock the salt

Rock the salt Cafe is a pure vegetarian restaurant at Vaishali Nagar. Located at near by Gupta store Amrapali Circle,C-288. Restaurant chef has launched new varieties for vegetarian food lover. Daily special something new. Visit try explore pure vegetarian food in Vaishali Nagar

Veg restaurant Vaishali Nagar Try ( rock the salt At amrapali Circle )

Rock the salt Cafe located at C Block, vaishali Nagar near Amrapali Circle Gupta Store. Rock the salt is a pure vegetarian Cafe restaurant at Jaipur Vaishali Nagar. This restaurant has won best innovative vegetarian restaurant eateries award in 2019 by chef Amit Gaur. The restaurant offers authentic pure vegetarian preparation. The restaurant menu is designed considering all requirements for vegetarian food lover. You will find variety of soup salad main course and western desert especially vegetarian will make you feel happy and wow. 

The restaurant also offers happy offers and discounts and promotions everyday between 3 to 7 p.m. Nowadays everybody become in vegetarian food lover because vegetarian food is healthy and vegetarian food has lot of varieties. With the same thing and concept rock the salt Cafe has recently launched new pure vegetarian menu card in Vaishali Nagar. This information is going to be very interesting and make lot of people happy to know that nowadays vaishali Nagar area in Jaipur there are lot of pure vegetarian restaurants in which rock the salt Cafe is famous and popular this restaurant is one of the best hangout place for young people. 

You can always say best hangout place at Vaishali Nagar for young people's is rock the salt cafe at C Block Amrapali Circle Vaishali Nagar. 

Is going to be very interesting to share you this information that rock the salt Cafe has recently introduced new vegetarian menu card and they have developed lot of varieties of Indian and international dishes in the menu if you are purely vegetarian and you like to enjoy something new interesting vegetarian dishes in reasonable price rock the salt Cafe is very nearby to Vaishali Nagar area visit to the cafe and look new menu and enjoy new vegetarian dishes. 

The conclusion is if you are vegetarian and you are looking for a good restaurant to eat in Vaishali Nagar exclusive vegetarian food rock the salt Cafe is one of the best option available in the city because the restaurant menu prices and food prices are very reasonable they cook food in very hygienic way and the taste and the presentation of the food is excellent.

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