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Best coffee Look nearby shyam Nagar Sodala Jaipur

Hello friends I recently discovered a excellent coffee shop nearby Shyam Nagar Sodala area, this cafe name is rock the salt Cafe, it is located at Vaishali Nagar Amrapali Circle near Gupta Store Jaipur just 5 minutes from Shyamnagar you can reach to this cafe at Vaishali area

I love coffee, specially robasta and Arabic coffee, I am bored with Nescafe coffee with lot of milk and no taste of coffee. I recently visited rock the salt Cafe which is near by Shyam Nagar Sodala area. It is just 5 minutes drive you can reach to rock the salt Cafe, which is in Vaishali Nagar Amrapali Circle Gupta Store. 

Believe me the coffee is excellent they produce a very good quality of coffee freshly ground and roasted they use robusta and arabica coffee seed for making authentic coffee so if you love coffee and your living at Shyam Nagar Jaipur area this place is very nearby only 5 minutes drive from Shyam Nagar and reach to Vaishali Nagar Jaipur Rajasthan

Distance Between Sham Nagar And Vashali Nagar Jaipur 


About this cafe this is one of the European fantastic cafe nearby Shyam Nagar Vaishali Nagar area Jaipur. The restaurant is very nearby to Shyam Nagar and many peoples from Shyamnagar visiting on daily basis to just have a good coffee in this place. 
This place is also very popular among couples who live in Shyamnagar and want a good European Cafe at Vaishali Nagar. 

Overall if you are living at shyam Nagar Sodala and you're looking for very good coffee to enjoy rock the salt Cafe offers excellent varieties of coffees sandwiches salads Italian very nearby to Shyam Nagar 5 minutes drive enjoy go chill out

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