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The most amazing cakes for Social events

The most amazing cakes in  Jaipur

Everybody wants to celebrate their birthday it is very amazing in now 2018 that demand for birthday cake has been gone really boost up. There are many bakery shops and confectionery outlets provide beautiful good quality cake in a very reasonable price. This is very shocking people using are synthetic cream for decorating cakes if you don't believe me, please do a testing. All the cream and icing on the cake which is in Jaipur you will find a synthetic non Dairy cream. Which is not good for the health but due to an awareness people do not know they just cut the cake and enjoy a happy birthday. 

I am sharing the information about the wonderful place in Jaipur, who provide healthy happy birthday cakes in Jaipur. They have a variety of cake, especially their cakes are real cream cake. 
If you are looking for celebrating your birthday and you are missing a birthday cake order it from chef Manohar. 

You can choose our cake because our cake are non Dairy cakes, we use honey and maple syrup for sweetening in the cake our kids are less sugar and sugar-free. 
The best part in our Cake is , we use unsalted butter we have a proper recipe for that and we follow proper hygiene a proper food hygiene making a special birthday cake for our respected guest. 

I am here to invite you to my bakery shop at Jaipur you can also call me an order online birthday cake. Jaipur 
Our cakes are so amazing, we have a big target audience of kids across the Jaipur city. We make teddy bear cakes, we make fancy doll cake, we make hearts, in fact we add lot of love and take care in our cakes. If you are looking for amazing cakes in Jaipur we are here our Bakery Chef is here to look after your needs 

Why choose my cakes

We don’t make cakes, we craft cakes. Adventure with us to get some amazing cakes.

Special of our cakes

We craft the cakes as per your choice, we allow you to challenge our skills and for sure we will live by the challenge. Your flavors and our creativity.

Today’s menu

You name it and we will do it special Cakes for All social events cakes 


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I take pride in being a chef because I am always at liberty to create something or do something distinct. Have a decade-long experience in the never-ending culinary journey. I just don’t cook food, I craft food. I am not just a chef I am an Artisan

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